Fees for Obtaining the Oklahoma Handgun License

$60.00 Cost of Training Course
$100.00 OSBI Licensing Fees (for 5 year license – $200.00 for 10 year license)
$15.00 Cost of Passport Photos
$25.00 Cost of Fingerprinting at Sheriff’s Office

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The course is as prescribed by the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (Title 21, Oklahoma Statutes, Section 1290.1 et seg.) to meet the educational requirements to qualify for an Oklahoma Handgun License.


  1. You must be a United States Citizen and have a Oklahoma Drivers License or Oklahoma State ID (this will constitute proof of current legal residency in the state of Oklahoma).
  2. Be at least 21 years of age. (Note: You may take this course before age 21, but may not submit an application before age 21).
  3. Complete an approved training course (the classes listed above) which are administered by an approved instructor and make proper application or provide proof of exemption. NOTE: Certificate earned by passing this class is valid for only 3 years!
  4. Course live firing must be done with approved weapon of caliber between .22 and .45. (Note: To qualify to carry a semi-automatic, you must shoot the live fire portion with a semi-automatic pistol.)

The certificate of completion you receive by passing this class can then be submitted along with your concealed carry license application, send both to the Sheriff’s Office of the County in which you live. OR You can now Apply Online.

Exemptions From All or Part of Course


The following individuals may be exempt from all or part of the required training and qualification course established pursuant to the provisions of Section 1290.14 of this title(Copy of such proof must be provided by the applicant to be retained by the SDA firearms instructor for his records):

  1. A firearms instructor registered with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for purposes of the Oklahoma SDA – (A Cleet Firearms Instructor Card or Certificate of Training);
  2. An active duty law enforcement officer of this state or any of its political subdivisions or of the federal government – (For revolver, a commission card, a CLEET certification card, a Federal commission card, a basic training certificate or other proof of basic certification training, For a semi-automatic ceapon, proof of semi-auto training may be provided with a copy of the course certificate for simi-auto training or an agency training printout showing semi-auto training)
  3. A retired law enforcement officer authorized by this state pursuant to Section 1289.8 of this title to carry a firearm – (Same as #2)
  4. A CLEET certified armed security officer, armed guard, correctional officer, or any other person having a CLEET certification to carry a firearm in the course of their employment – (A CLEET Armed Security Guard License is good for a REVOLVER exemption only unless he/she has a certificate from a “Semi-Automatic Training” course. A correctional officer must have an I.D. card or some other form of I.D. from the Department of Corrections authorizing them to carry a firearm within the DOC or having been trained in the use of handguns. The exemption for correctionsl officers or CLEET certifications will be for revolver only unless documentation of simi-auto pistol training is provided)
  5. A person on active military duty, National Guard duty or regular military reserve duty who is a legal resident of this state and who is trained and qualified in the use of handguns – (An active military card stating training in use of HANDGUNS, a record of training or letter from their Commander stating the training in use of HANDGUNS. A USAF 522 Card)
  6. A person honorably discharged from active military duty, National Guard duty or military reserves within twenty (20) years preceding the date of the application for a concealed handgun license pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, who is a legal resident of this state, and who has been trained and qualified in the use of handguns – (DD214 Discharge Papers or other discharge papers or records of training showing training in the use of HANDGUNS)
  7. A person retired as a peace officer in good standing from a law enforcement agency located in another state, who is a legal resident of this state, and who has received training equivalent to the training required for CLEET certification in this state; and
  8. Any person who is otherwise deemed qualified for a training exemption by CLEET.

Provided, however, persons applying for an exemption pursuant to paragraph 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 of this subsection may be required to successfully complete the classroom portion of the training course. The classroom portion of the training course shall not exceed a fee of Thirty Dollars ($30.00).