Oklahoma Concealed & Open Carry Training Classes

pistol-300x200NEW! LOWER PRICES on Concealed and Open Carry Training Classes!

All Classes only $60.00 and only $50 for Members of the military!!

This training is as prescribed by the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act to meet the educational requirements to qualify you for an Oklahoma Handgun license.


firingrangeALL ARE WELCOME.

We train Military and Police Officers (Basic) (Advanced) SWAT and Basic SWAT Snipers. We can come to your home or office.

Private classes on advanced pistol, shotgun and rifle (AR -15).

All Female Classes available.

Week day and Evening classes available.
You can contact me for Boy Scouts of American Rifle, Shotgun Merit Badge Counselor (Oklahoma).

If you have a question send it to concealedcarryokc@hotmail.com.

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